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Chipotle Robbery

Last year Chipotle had a promotion that gave away free burritos to those who dressed as a burrito. Unfortunately, they did not conduct the same promotion this year. But small technicalities never stand in the way of abstract thinkers!

So we mapped out a route to all 7 Sacramento Chipotle locations.

With the locations mapped out, we purchased the foil and wrapped ourselves in it. But we knew that in order to take advantage of the outdated promotion, we would need to be even more over the top. So we created pro-Chipotle signs to go with our burrito costumes.

The costumes and signs paired with our undeniable charm made it impossible to turn us down. Here's Christula reaping the benefits.

When we get free burritos, we get the works. Two meats, guacamole, two salsas, two beans, fajitas. These things are monstrous. BAM.

By the end of the day we had visited 7 Chipotle locations, 6 of which gave us FREE BURRITOS, which comes out to 24 FREE BURRITOS. Here's the crew after the successful mission.

Let's zoom in on the mound of burritos (NOTE: only 20/24 burritos pictured).