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Our Trip to Cliff House

So, Thomas, Christula, Breck and I are all bored one day and decide to go bug Karrin at the Cliff House. She got mad but we got a table anyway. Cliff House just happened to have this totally amazing cover band called "Soul Vaccination" there. These guys were rockin' the (cliff) house. (Being as this is the internet the above statement is dripping with sarcasm btw). So anywho, we patronized these guys a little and got their autograph on two things... A photo of the band and a napkin. SOUL VACCINATION ROCKS!!!

Autographed photo of the band.

Autographed napkin.

So yeah Soul Vaccination was great and all, but they couldn't compare to Christula's attempt at getting the number of our waitress Jenessah. He asked for her number by writing on the receipt... You can read it for yourself...

(if you can't read it Christula wrote "Could I get your number? -Chris" and Jenessah's response was: "Sorry Chris I have a boyfriend! you are a cutie though! Jenessah") awwww ain't that sweet!