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Say hello to the improved Rocksaurus. Now he actually looks like he's playing the guitar, and he doesn't have an ugly white background. He has no background. And he's in .png format. These improvements ensure that Rocksaurus will be rocking for many epochs to come.

This, obviously is the old, PREHISTORIC image of Rocksaurus. It was captured with primitive technology, as can be observed from its ugly white background, and the fact that it really just doesn't look like he's playing the guitar. Part of what makes it kinda cool though is just how bad it is. Rockolutionary for its time, now outdated.

Many sites don't take/like .png format images, so if you need Rocksaurus in all his glory in .jpg format, download this special edition package of Rocksaurus in .jpg format, featuring both white and black backgrounds, for your convenience.

Download Rocksaurus in .jpg format