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Myself (Andrew), Thomas, Mr. Weir, and Nick O., decided to sneak into the Sacramento Capitals' match at the Sunrise Mall parking lot (featuring Andre Agassi). We ate free food, drank free soda, got free t-shirts, and got free chipotle coupons. Special thanks to comcast for not showing up and thus providing us a table. Here's us after the banquet -

After our feast we proceeded to sneak into the match. No problemo. Signed up for contests, got some free vitasoy bars which tasted like sawdust, and some free comcast tattoos, and stole sodas from the ball boys. Here's me (Andrew) about 5 feet from agassi himself. We tried to get him to turn around for the picture but he seemed to have this attitude like he was too good for us or something. OBVIOUSLY he's never met us, because if anything, we're too good for him.

Matt took this picture of 5th period chemistry in a speedo

Here's a picture of people you actually know, celebrating the Maestro's birthday-